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Russian mat

Russian obscene profanity or mat, which we can hear in movies about Russia or meet in russian books was not invented in Rus. Thousand years ago Russians swore, but words and expressions were not such rude and naughty. Being angry with a person, you could compare him to a goat, a donkey or a hen, transferring the negative traits of these animals on the person. But no more than that. Actually mat appeared in Rus (Russia) after the Tatar arrival. Mat consisted of rude words and expressions, which had been gradually developing and becoming a peculiar second language. When anybody did not know what to say, he used an abusive language. In fact mat turned into a Russian slang. Mat spread throughout the whole Russian society and should be understood. Unlike slang, which was clear only for small groups of people (for example, professional slang, argot and so on), Russian mat was clear to everyone.

The Russian language became even more difficult for understanding, because Russian profanity was developing and supplementing with many new words and meanings. Step by step mat was spreading among other Slavic language communities. Practically all the Slavic and the Finno-Ugric peoples (Finns, Hungarians) have in their languages extensive groups of rude and obscene words (about some thousands). Despite the public ban, Russian mat is used by people in all social groups.

Using mat is a sign of bad manners, ignorance and bad form. But if you do not know it, you can not say, that you absolutely understand the Russian language with its polysemy and semantic complexity.

Being guided by a number of reasons, we decided to start Russian profanity course for some our students.

Many students were complaining that they do not understand a lot of words even after a full course of studying of Russian language. Some people thought, that they heard greeting words (and you know, sometimes they were not far from the truth), others thought, that their companion was using old Russian words. But very often our students caught the negative meaning of unknown words.

Really, Russian profanity is pronounced with an expression and very emotionally, even if it is not addressed to somebody.

So, from now on we will not bypass the theme of Russian mat, which also can be unpleasant and questionable. Earlier we did not add these words in your vocabulary, because we simply wanted to protect you from Russian profanity. But now those who want to know more about the other side of language have an opportunity to do it.

Beginning the lessons, you should remember, that mat is a bad form in every society. We will study it only in order to understand what are speaking people around us about. Having heard mat and heaving understood its meaning, you should be careful, so, it will help you to avoid unpleasant situation.

At once we warn you not to use swear words very often. There are a lot of words and expressions in the abusive dictionary, but you should remember, that profanity is considered inadmissible in a decent society. You can take an administrative responsibility in Russia for using mat in public. The punishment is not so severe, but you should remember, that using mat is not good.

Use it only in cases, when you see, that a person can not understand anything but such words and expressions.

Having heard Russian mat, you have to listen to once more. Pay attention to the person`s intonation, what he is looking at, try to notice his actions. Certainly, the person`s intentions will become clear to you. You will understand, is it necessary to answer him (if he addresses to you), is he overflowed with negative emotions. After all, he just can demonstrate his admiration for something in this way. Yes, it is possible. The well-known Russian humorist M. Zadornov said: «Only Russian person can use profanity admiring of lunar path».

Certainly, it is just a joke. But during the recent years the joke is resembling truth more and more. The truth, which is bitter and unpleasant. We should consider that Russian mat is not used only by a small group of people with low I.Q. and a tiny lexicon. Unfortunately, Russian profanity, which can be blasphemous sometimes, spread throughout the whole Russian society. Simply, some people can speak without using mat, but for others abusive words make a considerable part of a lexicon.

So, did not you yet refuse the idea of studying not only the literature variant of Russian language, but also its alternative one? Then we are ready to help you. However, there is one specification.

Studying of the Russian mat

We can begin the studying of the Russian profanity course only with the students, which have completely passed the Russian language course, have passed an examination and showed the high level of Russian speaking language. After all we have to remember, that mat is not the most extensive and the most important part of Russian language. There are much more really beautiful words in Russian. And mat, with all its emotional power, after all, proves that the lexicon of the person, which is using mat very often, is very poor and he even has nothing to say.


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