If you going to Ukraine with a business visit or on other, for example, to the personal reasons - it can be required you to take services of translator.
To drive with itself a translator is problematic: at first it’s an expensive (such as payment of tickets, meal and services), an at the second enough harder to find a man, knowing Ukrainian and Russian languages, out of Ukraine, and the third, probably, an interpreter will not be local and will not be in a course of some necessary nuances.
So we also suggesting a services of our translator whom you can take avail then, when it will be necessary to you.
A price is calculated individually, on the basis of amount of clock and aims of the use of services of translator.

You can rely completely on our interpreters to help with the following:

  • Assist you in day to day activities that can be a bit difficult if you are not a native speaker; train tickets, accommodation fees, transport cost.
  • Arrange hotel accommodations.
  • Arrange tour and hotel details.

Or you can request our interpreters on an as needed basis.



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