Kiev is an old city which history goes many centuries ago. In order to get a deeper look into the Ukrainian society, to have more fun in the leisure time and for the better orientation in the city we are suggesting to the student a personal guide, who speaks student’s native language. The guide will coach the student on local culture, take the student to historical areas of the city, and arrange excursions to museums and cultural institutions. The guide will also invite the student to their home so they can get an idea of family life in Ukraine. We can be also assist the student to arrange a Ukraine tour covering the country and this tour can also be accompanied by business meetings if the student would be interested in making business contacts throughout other areas in Ukraine.

Tour costs will be calculated based on the individual request of the student.

We can however, guarantee the following:

  • An individual program tailored to each individual.
  • An interesting and fun experience.
  • The opportunity to see the real Kyiv and Ukraine so that you can gain a realistic impression of Kyiv and of Ukraine.


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