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Experience everyday communication and total immersion in the Russian language!


If you want to totally plunge into the Russian language, life and culture, then accommodation in a Russian host family is an ideal option. All host families are carefully selected by the School. We take care of your comfort and security is our responsibility.

Living in the apartment of your host family you will be part of their everyday life and activities. This arrangement offers the opportunity to use your linguistic knowledge in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

You will have a separate room with everything necessary for life. However, you must bear in mind that Russian apartments are usually small and have only one bathroom. You should be aware that there would be other people sharing the same facility. You will be entitled to use kitchen appliances for your own cooking.

Telephones are available in all apartments. Local calls are free of charge. For international calls, we recommend that you should purchase special phone cards. Internet access is not always available in Russian apartments.

Your room will be cleaned once a week; bed linen will be changed once a week as well. You will have access to the hosts' laundry.
Room sharing is also possible for two persons arriving together or for members of organized groups.

Single room accommodation fee: meals excluded - €150 a week, one meal (breakfast) - €180 a week, half-boarding (breakfast and dinner) - €220 a week.



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