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Ladies and gentlemen:

We invite you to study Russian Language at our Ukrainian and Russian Language School in Kiev. Even if you are not familiar with the Russian alphabet, in a few weeks you'll be able to read and speak, using Russian or Ukrainian in everyday life.

We employ university qualified teachers with language teaching experience. Our lessons are enhanced by using supporting video and audio materials. Our teachers will help you overcome the language barrier, and put to rest any hesitancy you might have regarding Russian Language as a difficult language to learn.

Our language school is located in capital of Ukraine, Kiev. You will have the unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our capital and experience the warmth and friendliness of our culture. Traveling to Ukraine is now easier and there is no need to get a visa. Our school has wonderful accommodations, great teachers and our program is not expensive.

As a gift to you, after payment of our courses, we send keyboard stickers on Russia for installation them on your keyboard and a sim card of the local operator with a map of Kiev!

And also after studying Russian Language we gives you an a diploma which proves your knowledges of Russian language.

Why it is better to learn Russian language in Kiev?

If you set your mind to take a study course of Russian language you might easily get stuck with the dilemma: which country and city to go to. So, how do you make the right choice and combine business with pleasure?

Russian is taught in many post-Soviet countries. Russia and Belarus, Latvia and Ukraine offer the tuition services of Russian language to the foreigners.

Below we offer for your consideration 10 reasons, why Ukraine is the most preferable country among them:

No visa requirements.

To visit Ukraine you do not need to acquire a visa. Unlike in Moscow, foreign guests do not have to register with the law enforcement agency in Kyiv, and police verifications of identity in the streets are less frequent. Ukraine is open to Europe and Asia, while maintaining the strong cultural heritage and unique national spirit of it's own.

No terrorism.

The political situation in Ukraine is stable. Kyiv is a quiet and peaceful city. We never had any acts of terrorism and hope to never face one.

Active nightlife.

There is a vast variety of night entertainments for all tastes:

  • many restaurants offer delicious local, European and Oriental cuisine;
  • many theaters, opera houses, concert halls and cinemas, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the Russian language.

Kyiv is not a very large capital city.

You will need less time to travel to the desired destination. There are no such traffic jams like in Moscow.

Pure Russian language.

Most residents of Kyiv speak Russian without accent, which is common among the Belorussians and particularly among the Letts.

The beauty of Ukrainian women.

All the foreigners coming to Ukraine especially mention the beauty and charm of Ukrainian women. Olga Kurylenko, the Agent 007 girl (Quantum of Solace), Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil), Mila Kunis (Max Payne, The Book of Eli) - are Ukrainians.


The residents of Kyiv are very cordial hosts. They readily take foreigners to stay in their apartments, which makes it easier to study the language.

Moderate accommodation costs.

The accommodation in Kyiv will cost you considerably less than in other Russian-speaking cities.

City attractions.

Kyiv is very beautiful due to its ancient architecture. Every day you can discovery something new about the city.


The climate of Kyiv is fairly mild and warm. The Black Sea is only a six hour drive away from the city by car. You can have yourself a wonderful week-end.


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